Parlamento EU: focus su mobbing e molestie sessuali

FOCUS EUROPA - "Mobbing and sexual harassment are structural, widespread problems throughout Europe and the world, involving victims and perpetrators of all ages, educational backgrounds, incomes and social statuses. Harassment based on gender and sexual harassment are recognized as forms of discrimination and are therefore prohibited by EU Equal Treatment Directives. Members of the FEMM Committee had the opportunity to exchange views (25th April 2018) with one of the authors of the STUDY commissioned by the Policy Department for Citizens' Rights and Constitutional Affairs for the FEMM Committee, Helge Hoel, Professor in Organisational Behaviour, University of Manchester. The exchange of views will bring valuable input for the report on "Measures to prevent and combat mobbing and sexual harassment at workplace, in public spaces, and political life in the EU" that FEMM will draft (Rapporteur: Ms Pina Picierno, S&D, Italy)."

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